rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More of the Same

The sky was bright blue here this afternoon, but a haze was hanging over the valley. Now the haze is rising and forming clouds that are headed this way. It will be another night of clouds holding in the heat. It will probably be even hotter than it was last night, and there could be thunder storms. There have already been thunder storms a few dozen miles north of here, with golf ball sized hail. I wouldn't be surprised if the lightning has started fires, though the humidity might keep them from expanding too rapidly. I'm going to start a petition demanding that Kentucky take back its weather.

There's stuff for making a sandwich for dinner, though I'm not very hungry, and I'm getting tired of cold sandwiches anyway. There's also still plenty of potato salad, and I'll soon be tired of that as well. What I'd really like is an enchilada, but I've never been able to make a decent one. I can make pretty good tacos, but have no knack for enchiladas. I fit right into this town. None of the local Mexican restaurants can make them very well either.

Ah, well. The heat should abate somewhat after tomorrow, and with any luck Friday night should be cool enough that I'll be able to open my windows again and let the house cool down without the aid of the air conditioner. Tonight I'll have to be content with what will probably be another brilliant sunset, thinks to those heat-retaining clouds. And tomorrow being a holiday I won't even have to go out to fetch mail. Thankful for small favors.

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