rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Longer Afternoons

Now black-winged butterflies have appeared, and are fluttering around the fading lilac blossoms. The small young leaves of the mulberry tree are numerous enough to create a dappled shade on the lawn, where I can sit and watch the afternoon. The lichen has vanished from the walk, except for a few spots in the cracks betwen the paving stones. A few of the lilies have died back already, and the camellias are quickly fading. Small purple flowers adorn the sourgrass along the border of the flower bed. All the oaks are now thick with fresh green foliage. At this time, I can detect no fragrance of flowers on the breeze, but I know that soon the jasmine in the back yard will be blooming and filling the night with its exotic scent. I watch the buttrflies dance.
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