rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I finally had to turn the air conditioner on today, and even though I have the thermostat set at 82 degrees, I probably won't be able to turn it off all night. Clouds have formed, and though they made for a lovely sunset, they are holding in the day's heat. Tonight's low will probably be in the upper seventies, and the heat in the attic will guarantee that the house will remain hotter than the outdoors unless I run the air conditioner. Going outside will offer no relief. Now I know what it's like to live through an Iowa summer— minus the rain and the tornadoes, of course. Oh, and the fireflies.

You know, if we had fireflies, that might almost make up for the heat. For a few hours, at least. I'd probably get tired of watching them after awhile, and would want my normal, cool California nights back. We aren't going to get them back yet, though. The rest of the week is likely to be very much like tonight. Beyond that, who knows? All I know is that I'm heartily sick of this summer already.

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