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Helter Swelter [Jun. 29th, 2013|07:54 pm]
Well, I overlooked my journal anniversary again. It was twelve years yesterday. That's a lot of bridge over the water. Someday I'll have to go back and read it, but I think I'll wait until the weather is not trying to braise me. It might be some time yet. Tuesday has been knocked down to a mere 102 degrees, but Wednesday is now predicted to be 106. Worse than that, Wednesday night will be overcast, and there could be thunderstorms. As for today, it's going on eight o'clock and I still can't open the windows because it's still hotter outside than it is in the house. The air conditioner will definitely have to be turned on tomorrow, and probably fairly early in the day. I just hope I'll be able to turn it off before midnight.

Right now I'm doing triage on my grocery list for tomorrow— assuming I'll even be able to get out tomorrow. I'll have to go within a few days as I'm running low on cat food, and even though the feral cats probably won't have their normal appetites in this heat, I don't want them to go even a little bit hungry. Plus if I let Portia go hungry she'll probably decide to devour me, and a kitty's belly is probably even hotter than this room.

Oh, and the heat has turned most of the gardenias brown. I'm sorry to lose them. Their fragrance was one of the few enjoyable things about these sultry nights.

But time to turn off the computer. Its electric innards are surely adding to the heat.