rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The prelude to the heat wave is here, and I still haven't devoured most of the frozen stuff. I hope PG&E can keep the power on. I haven't had to use the air conditioner today, and the house is only 78 degrees, but I can hear the air conditioners intermittently running in nearby houses. Monday is now expected to be the hottest day of the week, at 106 degrees, and I suspect that then the air conditioners will be a constant background noise.

Speaking of neighbors, I wish the ones next door would get a land line telephone. They apparently only have a cell phone, and because reception here is so bad they have to go outdoors to use it. I hear them talking in their back yard at all hours, which means that my back yard has lost its tranquility, and at night when I have the windows open I hear halves of dull conversations in the rooms at that end of my house, too.

As the heat today is not yet horrendous, it is provoking my nostalgia. I keep thinking about days at the beach in Los Angeles, and remembering the smell of the suntan lotion I used to buy, Sea & Ski. The stuff vanished from the stores ages ago. It had a fragrance that was unlike anything else I've ever smelled, and I wish I had some of it now. That scent would surely help get me through the heat wave.

If I can get to the store Sunday I intend to lay in a supply of fresh fruit. I want to minimize my cooking for the duration, and fruit salads would be ideal. In fact I want to minimize my electricity usage, so I probably won't be spending much time on the computer or watching television. I've dug out a few books to read by sunlight filtered through the drapes, and I probably won't be turning on the machines until sunset, if at all. The high temperatures will probably be over 100 for five straight days, and three of the nights will be in the 70s, so July will be starting with Hell Week for sure. Don't be surprised if I don't show up until next Thursday.

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