rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Rise

My sleep schedule went weird again today. I decided to watch television for a few minutes before fixing dinner, and then fell asleep and didn't wake up until sunset. I'll be disoriented all night now, but at least I'll get to smell gardenias. The house got hot enough that the windows will have to be open most of the night to cool it off before tomorrow's torrid sun arrives. I'll help the cooling along by microwaving a couple of frozen burritos for dinner. If somebody had told me even two years ago that the day would come when I'd be eating microwaved burritos for dinner, I'd have been shocked. But these days I don't even feel like opening cans and heating their contents, especially when I've had an unintentional nap and the house is till hot.

Look how late it's getting. The scorching weekend is getting closer.

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