rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Whiplash Ahead

Until a few minutes ago, this storm was a bust, bringing only a few sprinkles. Now it looks as though it could turn into something more impressive. The street is shiny, and beads of water are dripping from leaf tips on the mulberry tree. But even before the rain began, it was a real luxury to be able to go outdoors and shiver in the first week of summer. I can't remember the last time I got to do that. It's going to be a luxury to have baked food for dinner, too, and not worry about getting the house too hot. In fact it's chilly enough that I might have to turn the furnace on later tonight.

There could be rain as late as Wednesday, but after that things will begin to heat up rapidly. A rather distressing report on Weather Underground says that it could be 113 degrees here a week from tomorrow, and as the previous night's low is predicted to be a sultry 77, the house will start off hot and just get hotter. That is power outage weather, for sure, and me with a freezer full of ice cream. I wonder how much of it I can eat in a week without destroying my pancreas? On the other hand, if it kills me I won't have to see July's electric bill.

I guess this all means I should enjoy the chill while I can. Eight days hence I could be roasting in the Devil's own sauna, and there's no telling how hot it could get after that. I'm really glad that this storm doesn't seem to have any lightning in it. I hope it stays that way. A heat wave on top of a wildfire would be disastrous.

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