rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Summer's first day lived up to its sultry expectations, but the evening swiftly turned cool. I watched the big moon rise and free itself from the entangling pines. It was yellow at first, contending with haze, but grew brighter and whiter as it rose. Now it rides well above the forest in a clear sky, and illuminates the landscape quite admirably. So far I see no sign of the clouds that might bring rain tomorrow, but the chilling of the air presages the cooler days to come. If the rain comes and is strong enough, it will probably strip the last of the jasmine blossoms from the hedge and tatter the abundant roses. But perhaps it will be a gentler rain, and either way it will bring relief from the normal summer heat. Plus it will be one or two nights I won't have to water the plants. Bonus.

Come to think of it, as it left the horizon, the big moon was a bit pink from the haze.
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