rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


That ice cream truck paid another visit to my neighborhood again this afternoon, though once again it failed to come up my block. Its music program is odd. Today it was playing a song from The Sound of Music, which was then followed by Come, All Ye Faithful. I would not have thought that Christmas carols would be a good marketing choice for an ice cream vendor on a warm, almost-summer day, but maybe he's thinking that a reminder of winter will make people crave something frozen.

Speaking of almost summer, in the Pacific time zone it begins tomorrow evening at 10:04 PM. People in the east will have to wait until the early hours of the 21st for the official start of their summer. But then they won't really be waiting, will they? Summer starts with a bang all over the world at the same moment. But odds are that I'll be awake for it, and people in the east will be sleeping. Odds are also that I'll totally forget to take note of it.

Our penultimate day of spring has been mild enough, though the clouds are fewer and smaller than they were yesterday, and for the most part have confined themselves to a narrow strip of sky above the mountains. Denied celestial shade, the trees have had to do it all on their own. Their translucent leaves barely move in the still afternoon air, and their shadows creep so slowly that time barely seems to pass. It makes me feel very young for a while.

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