rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

What happened to Monday? I vaguely recall dozing a lot. In any case, I've pretty much recovered from Sunday, so maybe things will be back to normal now. It helps that today is cool and breezy, and the fluffy white clouds are pleasant to watch and have a calming effect. Also, I'm amused.

I came across this Google Maps Street View not long ago. It is a place a couple of miles from the house I lived in between the ages of six and eighteen, and while everything else in that area has changed drastically, often beyond recognition, this stretch of road has remained almost the same as it was then. In fact I was surprised to find it so much the same, and the sight of it filled me with a melancholy nostalgia.

The spot is only about nine miles from the center of downtown Los Angeles, and its escape from development is due to one side of the road bordering a flood control area and the other bordering an old oil field. In fact, almost the only thing that has changed is that most of the old oil pumps that once dotted the area are gone. One other noticeable change is the addition of that bike path that runs along the right side of the road, but that doesn't detract from the atmosphere. It's the sort of thing I'd have liked to have had there long ago. Pan the image around and see the rest of the landscape. That's what my childhood was like, in part, at least. I can almost hear the mockingbirds and meadowlarks.

Tuesday Verse

by Jeffrey Harrison

Rilke's Fear of Dogs

had less to do
with any harm
they might inflict
than with the sad
look in their eyes
expressing a need
for love he felt
he couldn't meet.
And so he looked
away from them.

He was too busy
for such obligations,
waiting instead
for angels to speak,
looking up at heaven
with an expression
they couldn't help
responding to,
try as they might
to avoid his gaze.


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