rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Post Ending in a Preposition

My laundry is all done, but somebody nearby is still doing theirs. I can smell it. They are using that awful fabric softener (Downer, I think it's called) and its stench is overwhelming the scent of the jasmine. The jasmine won't be blooming much longer, so I'm quite annoyed to have my nocturnal fragrance interfered with. The smell is giving me a bit of a headache, too. That stuff tends to linger a long time, so Ill have to keep the windows closed for quite a while yet.

The summer solstice is only a few days away. June 21 will be the longest day this year. It actually feels as though summer has been going on for a couple of weeks already, though the last couple of days haven't been as bad as last week. The prospect for the next few days is not bad, but it could heat up again by next week. I think I might get the first watermelon of the season when I shop this Sunday. It is one of summer's compensations, and this summer might need a lot of compensating for.

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