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Rolling thunder woke me about five o'clock this morning. The dry storm began Sunday evening, but didn't reach this area until today. Some of the peals were quite loud, but most of them were just a distant rumbling that sometimes went on for more than a minute. CalFire reports that there were over 6,000 lightning strikes, and about fifty small fires were started. I haven't smelled any smoke, so I don't think any of them are nearby. But then none were nearby a few years ago, but lots of little fires joined up into several big fires, and they went on clear into the fall. I'm hoping that doesn't happen this time.

The good thing about the storm is that the clouds remained heavy until evening, and that kept the day cool. In fact, the temperature this evening has already dropped below the predicted low, so it might get quite chilly before morning. It's supposed to be warm tomorrow, though. It was nice to have a break from the heat, but if any of the fires the lightning started get out of hand it won't (shan't?) have been worth it. I did enjoy the mild gray day, though, and found the thunder oddly soothing (but it's a bit disappointing that I didn't see a single fork of lightning during the entire storm.) In fact it put me back to sleep about eight o'clock, and I slept until half past one in the afternoon, with the long nap interrupted by loud, nearby thunderclaps only twice.

I'm going to put my wheelie bins out now for tomorrow's trash pickup. The truck usually comes by pretty early, and there's no telling what today's long nap will do to my sleep schedule. I'd hate to miss the pickup and have to keep my trash for another week— especially when it's going to be heating up again.

Oh, I forgot to mention that yesterday I saw the World's Greatest Nose at Safeway. This guy's nose was a wonder to behold. It started out with a hook that, all by itself, would have given him an epic schnoz, but then after dropping a considerable distance it took a turn outward for at least another half inch. I didn't want to stare, so I only saw it briefly, but that brief glance was enough to leave me a lasting impression. Ah, the splendor of it! Cyrano de Bergerac and Jimmy Durante are lucky they didn't live to see this guy. He would have shamed either one of them. Hell, he'd have shamed the guy in Lautrec's poster. To think that I have lived to behold the Greatest Nose Ever! A little bit of its glory will now reflect on me, I think.

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