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The clouds that will be holding in the heat all night arrived in time to provide us with a prolonged and lurid sunset. The clouds were not supposed to arrive until Sunday, but then it's not supposed to be eighty degrees at nine o'clock in the evening, either. As it will be going over a hundred tomorrow, I did some triage watering of the plants this evening, trying to decide on the fly which get will dry roasted and which get braised when the fierce sun attacks.

Another dismal prospect is that Sunday and Monday could bring thunderstorms. We could have a recurrence of the summer a few years ago when late May thunderstorms ignited hundreds of wildfires which then burned well into autumn, and we had to be evacuated for a few days. I don't think my lungs have ever recovered from the thick smoke I breathed week after week.

Tonight the air is at least clean, though still much too warm. I doubt that I'll be able to get the house cooled much below eighty degrees with only night air tonight, which means I'll probably have to have the air conditioner on fairly early tomorrow, and leave it on most of tomorrow night. That's going to make for a big utility bill during a month when I'm trying to save something toward the property taxes. Ah, well, maybe there will be a great conflagration and I'll have to go live at a shelter and have no utility bills at all. But then what will become of my feral cats, not to mention Portia?

There will be another sandwich-based dinner tonight so I won't have to use any fire. I've been putting it off because I've been too hot to eat, and the prospect of a sandwich does nothing for my appetite. I'm going to be heartily sick of sandwiches by the time this heat wave is over.

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