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Buggy [May. 31st, 2013|10:08 pm]
Going on ten o'clock and I still haven't started making dinner. I'll blame this afternoon's three-hour nap on the heat, but it was undoubtedly just the usual lack of sleep last night that brought it on. The house really wasn't all that hot, though it got a bit stuffy with all the windows closed. They are open now, and I can use the oven. I have to use up some cheese before it gets sour or moldy.

I watered the back lawn and the jasmine this evening, and only got a couple of mosquito bites. Right now I'm watering the flower bed in front of the window, where the sourgrass is. It is looking a bit droopy, and if it dies back this early in the year it will be dead all summer. I like to keep it plush as long as possible. I just hope I don't forget that the hose is on and leave it running all night. That's happened before.

The bugs are out in force now that the weather has warmed up. There are daddy long legs spiders, earwigs, crane flies, moths, and lots of tiny, unidentifiable things flying about. There are also ants. I've had a few in the house, during the rainy days not surprisingly, but there is also a trail of them crawling up the corner of the house and into a crack in the trim. I'll have to deal with those right away, before they eat a big chunk of the structure. Bugs.

This is the warmest evening of the year, so far. The first of many, do doubt. Well, June starts tomorrow, so there's no surprise. Heat and bugs and June. So it goes.