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Mild [May. 30th, 2013|11:34 pm]
It got a bit warmer today, but stayed well within the pleasant range. Once again I slept through the late afternoon after getting to sleep too late last night and waking up too early this morning. For now, I'm probably stuck with this split shift sleep schedule, but we'll see what happens when the really hot days arrive. The first of them will be tomorrow, so I've got the windows open now to cool the house off even though it's actually getting a little bit too chilly. Better to wear a hoodie tonight than to get uncomfortably hot tomorrow.

The low-grade headache has responded to some relaxation exercises and taking some breaks between times when I use my eyes. Just having them closed for a few minutes and breathing slowly usually relieves the headache for a couple of hours. I've probably had too much tension lately anyway, and some time out a few times a day will probably make me feel better in general. Now all I have to do is stop worrying about missing stuff on the Internets while I'm just lying there relaxed.