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The Big Stink [May. 29th, 2013|11:33 pm]
Skunks have been hanging around lately. Skunk smell was lingering in the garage Tuesday morning, I saw one eating cat food on the back porch last night, and tonight the smell is in the air again, displacing the jasmine. When I go outside at night I always check the view through the windows first, so I won't surprise one. Getting skunk-sprayed is something I don't need. I'm thinking about not leaving food out for the feral cats for a few nights, though that means some of the cats will probably go hungry since they don't show up for regular feeding times. some raccoons who raid the cat food bowls will go hungry, too, but I'm not worried about them. Raccoons always manage to find something to eat.

There were splendid clouds over the mountains today, and a few drifted overhead and provided a few minutes of shade now and then, but they have mostly gone now. Tomorrow will be clear and a bit warmer, but the real heat wave begins Friday. It will probably be a sweltery trip to the stores this Sunday, and I'll have to resume irrigating the yard by the weekend. We got just enough rain to almost turn the lawns entirely green again, but the ground won't remain damp for long. I expect to see the brown patches expand tomorrow.

So far, yesterday's neck adjustment hasn't done anything to diminish the low-grade headaches I've been getting for the last couple of weeks. It might be they are sinus-related rather than neck related, or it might be that I am developing some sort of problem with my eyes (the headaches are centered right behind my eyes.) It's been about ten years since I've had an eye exam, and my glasses really need replacing, but it's costly, and I'm pretty sure my optometrist has retired, so I'd have to find a new one, which I always find distressing. But mostly it's costly, and as I have no optometric insurance coverage the whole thing would have to come out of my savings, and the savings is supposed to be for the fire insurance that comes due in July. This is no time to be without fire insurance in the mountains. I think I'll just to have to make do by avoiding eye strain as much as possible.

I ended up taking another long afternoon nap today, and will probably end up getting to sleep late tonight and waking up early tomorrow once again. This is not a sleep pattern I like, but I appear to be stuck with it for now. At least if it h olds it will be appropriate to the upcoming heat wave. I'll be able to leave the windows open all night and wake up to close them before the mornings get hot. Thankful for small favors.

Listen: In the night you hide from the madman you're longing to be.