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Wet [May. 27th, 2013|10:28 pm]
The rain didn't begin until after I fell asleep last night, but it began before I woke up today and soaked the newspaper where it lay on the driveway. Why they didn't deliver it in a plastic bag, as they usually do when rain is forecast, I don't know. Anyway, there has been drizzle or sprinkle off and on all day, and it also took most of the day for the paper to dry out so I could read it. It's as crinkly as I feel. Because this is probably the last cold spell of the season, I've turned the furnace up to 66 degrees and am luxuriating in the comparative warmth. It was set at 64 most of the winter, but after the recent warm days I wouldn't want to put up with the house being that chilly again.

The Internet has been slow all day, too, as it is won't to be when the telephone company's wires get wet, and I'm way behind where I wanted to be at this hour despite having left a number of things undone. My dinner is very late, and is cooking now. I must go keep an eye on it. As much as I like the rain, and as much as we need it this dry year, it's still an inconvenience. I got wet taking the wheelie bins out, of course, though not as wet as the newspaper got this morning. I wish I knew where I had put my umbrella.