rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Knee Abuse

This evening I pulled up a few dozen nettle plants in my back yard, and now my knees hurt. It wasn't a planned nettle-pulling. I just noticed them growing while I was taking the hose out to water the oleanders, and decided that I ought to get rid of them before they got to the stage where they start sticking themselves onto pant legs and socks and cat fur. Had I planned it, I would have gotten down on my knees to do it after donning knee pads, but as it was spontaneous I just bent over to pluck them. Bad mistake. My knees will probably be hurting all night now.

The grocery shopping is over for the week now, and I will have Sunday to myself. I won't even have to go out and fetch mail for two days, Monday being a holiday. I won't have to go anywhere until Tuesday, when the chiropractor will yank my head about for me, but I will have to take the wheelie bin out to the street on Monday night or very early Tuesday morning. I'd better make it Monday night, as the collection is always early on the day after a holiday and I don't know that I'll wake up early enough to take it out Tuesday. I hate when I miss a collection and end up having two weeks worth of trash in the wheelie bin. It gets pretty ripe.

The chance of rain on Monday is up to 70% now, and on Tuesday it's down to 30%. Yesterday they were both at 50%. I might get wet taking the trash out, but there's less chance I'll get wet when I go to the chiropractor. I guess it's a fair trade.

Now I'm going to go put something on my knees to make them feel better.

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