rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The full moon has risen high enough to lose the orange glow it had this evening and turn the color of vanilla ice cream. It's not as white as the clouds that concealed the upper reaches of the mountains all day. They were like whipped cream. Thinking about the sky tonight, I crave a sundae. It would have been a good day for a sundae, as will tomorrow, but by Sunday it will be cooling off again, and by Monday hot chocolate will be more appropriate.

There could even be rain Monday and Tuesday. I'm going to be too busy to get the rain gutters cleaned out before then, and they are clogged with pine needles, so if there is substantial rain I might get to see a waterfall crush the sourgrass outside my living room window. It probably won't happen, though, this late in spring. Any rain now is apt to be sparse and intermittent, and probably won't even be even sufficient to retard the browning of the lawns that is now underway.

But the chilly weather will give me a couple more chances to use the oven. I haven't decided what to bake yet, aside from the usual macaroni and cheese. I do have eggs and a package of brownie mix on hand, so brownies are an option. I might get some fish when I go shopping and bake it with some potatoes. Shopping is going to be on Saturday this week, so I'll be mistaking Sunday for Monday, and then I have an appointment with the chiropractor on Tuesday, so I hope I can remember which day is which by then.

But here I am going all mundane. It's a result of the split shift sleeping, I'm sure. I'm still groggy from my unintentional three-hour evening nap. A sundae would wake me up. Too bad I don't have stuff to make one.

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