rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rumble Rumble

We just had a little earthquake here. It lasted about ten seconds, and rattled the house and made all the neighborhood dogs bark. I was out feeding the feral cats, and they were startled too, but went back to eating as soon as the shaking stopped. The preliminary report from the Earthquake Data Center says it was near Greenville, which is about 75 miles from here, on the other side of the mountains, and it measured 5.9 on the moment-magnitude scale (USGS gives it a 5.7.) That's strong enough to cause some damage near the epicenter.

The area it was in is the plateau southeast of Mount Lassen, which is California's only recently active volcano, and the southernmost peak in the Cascade range. Earthquakes in that area can be harbingers of increased volcanic activity, though it's a fairly active region so this might have been just another ordinary earthquake. But maybe we'll get to see Mount Lassen erupt. Its last big eruption was in 1915, I think. If it dies erupt, I just hope it doesn't pull a St. Helens, or foul up the air for any great length of time.

The EDS web site now notes several small aftershocks that have occurred while I've been writing this, but none have been strong enough to be felt this far away. I'll be annoyed of bigger ones come along and knock anything off my shelves or interrupt my electricity.

Other than this event, it was a quiet day, pretty much like yesterday, cool and mostly sunny. I'm irrigating the rose bushes right now, and If I don't pay attention I will probably forget that the hose is on and fall asleep without turning it off and it will run all night. Must pay attention.

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