rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It didn't get unpleasantly hot until late afternoon, and it ought to cool off fairly quickly this evening, but it didn't cool off fast enough to prevent the mosquitoes from biting me when I was out watering the plants. One bite is on the underside of my left wrist, which is a very sensitive area, unpleasant to scratch. The blood-sucking bug almost tapped a vein there, so I guess I'm lucky it wasn't worse.

Despite the pine pollen being gone, I still feel kind of crappy, and my sinuses and lungs are still producing gunk. I hope I haven't gotten something like valley fever. It's been pretty dusty here this spring. Anyway, whatever it is is probably contributing to my recent lack of energy. About all I have energy for tonight is scratching those mosquito bites.

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