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The wind is kicking up quite vigorously this evening, and it's bringing heavy clouds with it. The air has cooled rapidly, making flowers close up earlier than is their wont. There was even a brief sprinkle of rain. I keep listening for thunder, but if there is any it is too far away to hear above the humming of the wind and the rustling of the oak leaves. The birds have been quite excited and have been chirping and chattering for the last hour as though it were the last hour ever. Even the feral cats have been affected, engaging in sudden romps and, in one case, flipping one of the food dishes on the back porch so high that it shattered when it came down. I must buy some plastic dishes for the cats or I'll end up with nothing to eat from myself.

I have forgone the watering today, not only because I don't want to be standing in the open with a gushing water hose in my hand should a thunderstorm come up, but because the chance of rain on Tuesday is now up to 70%. If it does rain there probably won't be much, but it could amount to a couple of days worth of irrigation. Every bit helps in dry year, especially when the water district's rates have been raised. Getting some of this pollen washed out of the air would be good, too, and it wouldn't take much rain to do that.

Even though the weather is changing it will still be fairly hot tomorrow, so I've got the windows open to cool the house. The drapes are billowing like sails. Tomorrow evening I'll probably close the house early to conserve some warmth for chilly Monday. After that it will be mild again, though the nights will get cold and I'll probably have to have the furnace going again— maybe for the last time this spring. I'm counting on a lower gas bill to offset the higher water bill.

The sky has turned entirely gray while I've been writing this, and I can no longer see the outlines of the clouds. Maybe it will turn into one of those dark, blustery evenings that we ought to have had in March. Better late than never, but as much as I enjoy a nice thunder storm in its proper season, I still hope there will be no lightning. The brush and grass are dryer every day, and one big fire burning is more than enough. At least the wind has been from the south and west and has blown the smelly smoke away today. If the wind is aggravating the fire it will also be blowing it toward the desert, which is the best direction for it to go. And there's always that chance of rain— a cool rain, unlikely to bring any lightning— to shrivel the fire on Tuesday.

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