rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I see balloons, party hats, candles, a cake, and... cupcakes? in the LJ banner. Those particular symbols have nothing to do with May Day, so who is having a birthday? And why is there no donkey to pin a tail on? Will there be prizes? I don't think I'll go, though, prizes or not, even if I'm invited. I hate birthday parties. I always picture a fine mist of spit and bacteria falling on the cake frosting when the aging person blows out the candles. Who came up with that terrible tradition, anyway?

And why celebrate getting a year older once a year, when you actually get a year older every single day of every year after your first birthday? I'm a year older than I was a year ago today, and tomorrow I'll be a year older than I was a year ago tomorrow. Why not just have a first birthday party commemorating the first and only time you are a year older than you ever were before, and have done with it? Then you never have to spit on a cake again— unless it's a really bad cake that deserves to be spat on.

But now that I'm a year older than I was a year ago today, I've had time to reflect on things, and I feel that I've wasted that year. That's how I'd have felt yesterday, too, if an LJ banner had reminded me that I was a year older, and it's probably how I'll feel every day this month when I see that banner. Thanks a goatload, LJ!

Well, I'm out of sorts, thanks to all the pine spooge in the air. It has been breezy all day, and a few gusts have been strong enough to bring down some oak leaf clusters and even a couple of small, dead pine branches, but the pollen being blown about has been the worst. There was a feral tom cat fight right outside my open window a few minutes ago, and much spraying must have been involved, so now the smell of cat spray permeates the night air. The pine spooge has very unpleasant consequences, but at least it doesn't reek.

A bit of rain would be so nice, but it isn't going to happen. But then if we do get a storm this late in the spring, it will undoubtedly bring lightning, and the lighting will probably start wildfires, so I'd better not wish for rain. I'll just wish for an end to the pine spooge, and that there be no more cat fights tonight.

Mayday, mayday!

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