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The adjustment I got from the chiropractor this afternoon was a bit more difficult than usual because of all the sneezing and coughing up of pollen-laced loogies I've been doing for the last couple of weeks. Sneezing and especially coughing put a surprising amount of strain on the neck and back. The pine pollen is the main culprit right now, and it's probably about as thick as it's going to get. The back porch is almost entirely golden at this point. It should taper off over the next few days, and then my nose should open up so I won't wake up with a dry mouth from oral breathing during sleep.

But that's only the gross side of spring. The pleasant side is in such things as going out in the late afternoon to water the plants, and watching the insects buzz around the spray from the hose. The sourgrass has loads of little purple blossoms on it, and there are now about a dozen big roses blooming. There is also a plethora of tiny red roses on one bush which has lost its hybrid characteristics and reverted to some ancestral type. I suppose they'll all do that eventually, but so far it's just the one.

Unfortunately the lawns are already getting some sere patches, and the hot, windy days coming up are going to aggravate the condition. Hot wind just sucks the water out of everything. Not even the shade from the mulberry tree in the front yard and the walnut tree in the back yard will protect the grass from hot wind. Hot wind also increases the risk of a wildfire, and will send any fires that get started speeding on their way. I'll be quite cross if I have to start breathing smoke just as the pollen is growing less intense. I'll be even more cross if I have to evacuate because a fire threatens the town, and crosser still if my house gets burned down, and all the feral cats I won't be able to take with me get fried.

Anyway. I have to let my adjustment settle in now, and sitting at a computer is no way to do that. I might spend an hour on the chaise lounge in the back yard, watching the dusk turn to night.

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