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There was a bit of snow mixed in with the rain last night, but it all washed away before morning. This afternoon is very cold. Earlier, there were some patches of blue among the clouds, but now the sky is all grey and rain is falling again. I wouldn't be surprised to see more snow. I don't remember it being this cold this late in the spring since I came here. The blossoms are going to freeze right on the plants.

I hope some of you are taking a look at the albums of my favorite users at Webshots. Just look in the "See witiwtuun's favorite users" box at the bottom of my Webshots community page. Each name on that list is a link to a collection containing at least a few albums of paintings by artists both well known and obscure. I think there are over 600 albums of art, averaging about 20 or more paintings in each album, for a total of well over ten thousand paintings. You don't need a Webshots account to see them, or to capture them from your browser. This is probably the best collection of art on the web. Certainly, it is the best I have ever found. Take a look, but be ready to spend a lot of time there. There is so much stuff!

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