rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It has been breezy all day, and it was breezy all last night, sometimes strong enough to rip clusters of new leaves from the oak trees. The air is so dry that the leaves shrivel rapidly, and I had to toss several such clusters into the brown wheelie bin today. The dryness is also desiccating my sinuses, though my allergies are vigorously attempting to get them soggy again. Somehow all this is making my ears ring. I also had another afternoon nap which lasted until dusk. This has become the oddest April ever. And I'm sure the pollen is psychoactive. In fact I might be imagining the whole thing. Except the naps. I'm pretty sure I've taken the naps. But only if I'm actually here. If I'm imagining my own existence, all bets are off.

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