rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I've seen several crickets over the last few days, but so far none are chirping. The night, though mild, is silent. Well, silent as far as crickets go, but there are some frogs croaking. Possibly the crickets are still too young to chirp. The males chirp to find mates, and maybe the young crickets haven't figured out yet what they are supposed to do. Or maybe the females have hatched first. The females have the best of the deal. The chirping of the males can attract the attention of predators, and the silent females are much safer— at least until they find a mate. Once they mate, the males continue to chirp, but much more softly than before, so even when mating the females are in less danger than the unattached males around them.

Anyway. The foxtails are starting to sprout up in large numbers, and I haven't gotten around to pulling up more than a few of them. The ground is beginning to dry out, too, which will make them more difficult to uproot. I'm hoping we do get some rain on Monday, so the ground will soften up again. The odds are that this storm will be another dud, though. We've gotten only the one good rainfall so far this month, and the month is almost half over. The later in the season rain comes, the less likely it is to be vigorous. In fact there might be none at all. This April might have done all the raining it's going to do.

If we don't get any more rain showers this month, at least we'll get a meteor shower. The Lyrids begin on the 16th and peak on the 22nd-23rd. I'm not sure I'll be awake at the peak time, the morning of the 23rd, after the moon sets. I'm not sure I'll even remember they are coming. I have a bad habit of forgetting things at the last minute. If I plan on watching them though, maybe that will bring rain. In a year this dry I'd consider that a fair exchange.

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