rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Drama With Cats

It's been quite warm for two days, the computer has gotten very cranky, and I have three abandoned newborn kittens to deal with. Their mom, a semi-friendly feral who has been hanging around for a couple of months, had three kittens in one place, then had one more in another place. It must have happened earlier this evening, and they were probably only a couple of hours old when I heard them mewing and discovered them. The mom is taking care of the one kitten, but didn't even clean the first three after they were born.

The three are in a place that's going to be extremely difficult to get at, and I have no idea what I would do about them if I did get them out of it. Nothing can be done tonight in any case. The kittens would probably be lucky if the were to die before morning. Tomorrow I'll probably call the cat rescue people to see if they have any suggestions, if it's not too late for them. If it is too late, I'll still have to move a bunch of stuff to remove the bodies for burial. I'm a bit pissed off at the mother cat, though she probably has her reasons for abandoning three of her kittens. It's possible they are infected with something, and she's just trying to protect the one healthy one. But the situation bites anyway.

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