rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today I was going to do some yard work, but my right foot started hurting. Maybe my shoe isn't properly broken in yet. Maybe my feet have gotten too fat. It can't be a bunion developing because it's in the arch of my foot, not the big toe. But maybe I'm growing a new toe from the arch of my foot. One never knows. Anyway, it kept me from doing the yard work. It's probably for the best, as I didn't get enough sleep last night anyway and might have chopped my foot off with a hoe or something. That would have fixed whatever is wrong with my arch, of course, assuming that I cut off my right foot, but I'd rather keep the foot, painful or not.

I do hope it isn't a new toe growing in. Having six toes on a foot would be cool if they were all in a row, but a toe growing from the arch of a foot would be a great inconvenience, especially when it came time to buy shoes. I also hope I don't end up having to go to a chiropodist, as that name has always disturbed me. I have no idea why, though it does sound a bit like it could be the name given to practitioners of some sort of peculiar sexual behavior a French nobleman called the Marquis d' Chirop might have come up with.

See, not enough sleep. And my foot still hurts.

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