rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Crunch Time

This afternoon I got my head yanked, so maybe my neck won't be making me so uncomfortable for a while. This evening, I'm still uncomfortable from the head yanking itself, so I won't be doing much tonight. I didn't even bother to make a large dinner. There was a peanut butter sandwich and some chocolate milk. I saved the dinnertime bottle of beer for later. Maybe it will put me to sleep.

I had a very nice day for going to the chiropractor, though the pleasant weather meant extra traffic. Tomorrow should be a nice day, too, and I'll be able to keep the windows open, but the rain that's expected to arrive on Wednesday will bring chilly air with it and the house will get stuffy again. I'm eagerly awaiting the first warm spring rain of the year, which I'll be able to hear through the open windows. There might be thunder with Wednesdays storm, and maybe some hail, and I'll certainly hear that even with everything closed. That will have to be sufficient for now.

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