rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Damp It All

We had to wait all day for a few sprinkles, which finally arrived at dusk and sent the last woodpeckers scurrying for their nests with much chattering. Maybe there will be more rain later, but I'm not counting on it. I'm expecting that it will hold off until I go to the store tomorrow afternoon, and then I'll get soaked. Wet or not, I have to go or the cats will run out of food. Sure, most of them could catch something wild to eat, but a big bowl of crunchy food makes them so happy.

I ought not to have spent so much time looking at the sky last night. It made my neck even worse than it already was. It's a good thing I get to go to the chiropractor this Tuesday. It was a lovely sky, though, and it was nice to be outdoors at night without freezing. It would have been nice to go out today without sneezing, too, but it was not to be. Despite the overcast, an abundance of pollen was released this afternoon, and I had to close the windows earlier than I'd expected. Maybe this little bit of rain will be enough to wash the air clean and I won't have to sneeze all day tomorrow.
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