rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The windows were open until sunset this evening, for the first time this spring. The oaks have been transformed by the fresh, pale green leaves now cloaking their branches. The crepe myrtles are turning green too, their blossoms being replaced by foliage. The dogwoods are lagging behind, still all bare twigs. This afternoon I fell asleep in fresh air, with birds singing, but today was a fluke. Clouds are forming already, and will fill the sky by morning. There could be thunderstorms tomorrow. The odds of the snow pack in the mountains getting any thicker are slim, though, as this is going to be a fairly warm storm.

There is only half the normal amount of snow on the ground for the time of year, so it now seems very likely that we are headed into a dry period. It could last for several years, so this might be the greenest spring we'll see for some time. Not being a big fan of drought, I intend to enjoy whatever rain arrives this spring, and hope that it doesn't have to last me for too many years.

Last night the moon was full, and tonight it will be a race between moon and clouds, which should be enjoyable to watch. So far, this is the mildest night yet this spring, which will make it even more enjoyable to watch. A chorus of frogs is providing the music. I haven't seen or heard any mosquitoes flying about yet, so I expect to be able to remain bite-free no matter how long I stay outside. Portia is already out, so I'm going to join her now. She can chase moths while I watch the sky.

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