rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I didn't post an entry yesterday because yesterday was pretty much the same as the day before. Just read Tuesday's entry twice. Today was different, but only because there was an owl hooting nearby for about an hour. Other than that, it was the same overcast sky and the same late evening sprinkle that didn't quite amount to anything that could be called rain. Tomorrow will have clouds again, but it is supposed to be much warmer. I might be able to keep the windows open for a couple of hours and get some fresh air into the house. I'm hoping the owl will be back, too. As much as I enjoy listening to the woodpeckers, an owl is a refreshing change.

There's supposed to be a good chance of rain Sunday, but I'll believe it when I get wet, which I will if it does rain, as that is shopping day. There won't be a whole lot of shopping, though, because there were five Sundays this month and I've already blown through most of my budget. It's going to be a "P" period. The first week of April will bring an abundance of pasta, potatoes, and peanut butter. No pinot noir, alas, but maybe some Pabst. No puff pastry, either, but I have plenty of peas in the freezer. Party on.

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