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Catch Up [Mar. 25th, 2013|09:31 pm]
The pollen count must be up, because I've been having quite a few spring sneezes the last couple of days. They might ease off tomorrow as we could be getting some rain. It was sunny but cool all day today, but near evening clouds began piling up, so it really looks like rain, although the weather report says there is only a 20% chance. Even if it doesn't rain, I'll probably sneeze less because it will be colder, and pollen usually eases off when the temperature falls. I do hope it rains, though, as I love watching rain fall this time of year when the light is stronger even under clouds.

The thing I forgot at the store this week was ketchup, aka catsup. I was going to buy some Heinz ketchup, as it is on sale and Del Monte catsup is not. I had some Del Monte catsup, my usual brand, and I checked the "best by" date on it last week and discovered that the bottle is almost two years past it. Out it went. I don't know how I overlooked that date for so long. Probably it's because I just don't use ketchup— or catsup either— very often. It's good on certain sandwiches, and once in a great while adds something to a sauce, but I would never put the stuff on my fried potatoes or any of the other foods some people put it on. Come to think of it, I could probably do without it altogether, since the last bottle apparently lasted me about three years, and would have lasted longer had I not thrown the last quarter of it out. Maybe I'll just put some taco sauce on my sandwich tonight. I did remember to buy that.

Now I'm going to go see if any moonlight is getting through that cloud cover. The moon is getting pretty bright, so it should provide some nice sky watching if it finds some thin spots in the clouds.