rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today seemed much more like the first day of spring than yesterday did. The rain was gone, but the sky was full of big, white, swiftly moving clouds, and the fresh leaves were rustled by a sometimes blustery wind. It never got quite warm enough for me to open the windows, but at least the furnace didn't have to run every few minutes. It now looks as though we won't be getting any really hot days anytime soon, but it won't be really cold either. I'm a bit disappointed that it will probably remain too chilly to have the windows open very much for the rest of the month, but at least that will keep the pollen out of the house.

My neck is still pretty sore, so I have to break up my computer time into small chunks so I won't have to sit for very long. Portia is annoyed that I keep booting her off my lap. She likes to nap for at least twenty minutes before being put back on the floor. I can't blame her. I could use a more than twenty minute nap myself right now.

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