rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Laurel is a Hardy Plant

Today was the best-smelling day of the year so far, thanks to the spurge laurel and the breezes that brought its fresh scent through my open windows. I don't know how long the laurel will be releasing its fragrance, but the longer the better. It's certainly a welcome change from the odors of the cat's litter box, and the stale carpeting, and the furnace heat that I've been inhaling for the last few months. But it's terribly distracting, too. I couldn't concentrate on anything for long, because the perfume kept diverting my thoughts, and I ended up being idle for much of the afternoon.

I did get around to resetting the last of the clocks for daylight saving time, though. That was the wall clock, which has to be taken down to be reset, which is a huge bother. Last year I just left it on standard time all summer, but today I was inspired to fix it. That means I'll probably end up leaving it on daylight time all next winter. But there are eight months to go before I have to deal with that, so to hell with it. It's another fine evening, so I'm going out to watch Orion and listen to frogs.

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