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Daylight saving time sneaked up on me and brought a warmer day with it. My brain always starts to misfire when the warmer weather arrives, so I forgot more things than usual at the market, and a few times found myself standing in an aisle looking at commonplace items that had suddenly become incomprehensible. Sundays are puzzling times at the best of times anyway. How much more so they become when I am dazed by unaccustomed warmth and dislodged hours. And what has been saved, really, anyway? Oh, I can't think about it now. The sun has finally gone down, and there are clocks and clocks to be reset.

Sunday Verse

Scrolling Marquee

by Franz Wright

Broken-necked sunflower
in my dusk wind glowing
Like reading the Iliad

to a blind child...

No, Friday's out, Franz
how about never
is never good for you

is sleep to me burning is sleep to me burning

Harmless, unless
he takes a liking to you

I never do get caught, it's very odd


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