rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A warm cloudless day, followed by a night of gathering clouds and fine mist, then a sultry cloudy day that starts with rain and turns breezy in the afternoon, then a night of bright stars, now a crisp bright day with a sky half blue and half filled with big fluffy whipped cream clouds. California has returned to its normal spring weather, it seems, which means constant change and nothing predictable. Wear a coat, the day will turn hot. Go out in shirtsleeves, there will probably be chilly wind. Wash your car, it will rain.

I took a close look at the cherry tree today. To my surprise, there are quite a few tiny green fruits on it. I saw no bees around the blossoms, but something must have pollinated it. Unless the tree has learned to gratify itself. Heh. So, with decent weather, there may be a cherry crop this summer after all. Nice.

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