rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Not Quite

I ran a system checkup on the computer yesterday evening. It told me that the hard drive needed to be defragmented. I thought this was odd, as every Wednesday night at ten o'clock the computer diddles itself for an hour or two, and I have always thought that that was when it was running its defragmentation program.Why would it need defragmenting the night after it had been defragmented? I checked task scheduler, and no, it wasn't there. It turns out that my drive had not been defragmented in years. Yikes.

So I ran the defragmenter. It started about half past nine, and I left it to run. It was still going when I last checked it before falling asleep about three o'clock in the morning. It was still going when I woke up after nine o'clock this morning. In fact, by then it had completed only 18% of the task. It ran all day, and finally completed the process just before seven o'clock this evening. And then... it started over! WTF? I paused it so I could use the Internets, but I suppose I'll have to resume it in a while. I hope it doesn't go on for another 22 hours. Or maybe the machine has become addicted, and will just keep on defragmenting itself for the rest of its life.

At least I had a fairly nice day to be without a computer. It wasn't much warmer than yesterday, But the sun was shining almost constantly, the clouds confining themselves to the edges of the sky, especially over the mountains until the last hour of the day when they massed nearby and turned the evening gray before its time. Sort of like this machine is apparently trying to do to me. Tomorrow should be warmer, and I'll be able to open the windows for a while. The fresh air will be nice, but I'm really going to miss the rain we didn't quite have.

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