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Thunderless [Mar. 6th, 2013|06:59 pm]
The latest storm has been another disappointment so far. Aside from a brief but intense hailstorm this afternoon, we've had nothing but sprinkles all day, with bright sunshine between them. I haven't heard how much snow the mountains are getting, but I certainly hope the storm has been more vigorous there. What little rain we've had here isn't going to do much for the growing plants. A proper spring needs lots of water. Get your arse in gear, March.

Yesterday's head yanking doesn't seem to have done much for my neck, at least while I'm sitting down. Every few minutes I have to get up and walk around or my neck starts getting sore and then my head starts aching. It's a weird headache, too, as it's mostly on the surface, almost like a neuralgia. I hope I don't have to go back to the chiropractor before my next scheduled appointment. I only budgeted for one appointment this month.

Portia had some sort of contretemps with the liter box recently and smeared the side of it with feces, so I had to wash it today, only a few days after the last washing. She also chucked up the first hairball of the season this afternoon. The recent warm weather hastened her shedding. The less frequent occurrence of hairballs is one of the things I'll miss about winter. Now, if only we could have a bit more rain to miss.