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Having some fresh air flowing through the house inspired me to do a bit of tidying this afternoon, so the ancient carpets now smell a tad fresher and some of the furniture is a tad shinier. The mirrors got cleaned, but the windows, being open, were not available for cleaning. I also tossed a couple of overlooked things past their prime from the refrigerator, and arranged the canned goods in the hall closet that serves as a pantry. I have more beans than I'd thought, but I'm running short of tomatoes. It's all that Spanish rice I've made lately.

The yard got no attention, as I'd rather work there when it's a bit cooler than it was today. It is looking a bit ratty, though. There are still some plants that need trimming, even as slowly as they grow during the winter. No amount of tidying can fix the problems with the front yard, though. The lawn has been so thoroughly invaded by Bermuda grass that it will eventually have to be replaced altogether, and the four big bushes have gotten so huge that they can no longer be trimmed down to a reasonable size.

I doubt I'll ever again have the energy to take on so large a project, and I'm certainly unlikely to ever have enough money to have it done by professionals, so the front yard might now be beyond help. This is going to be that creepy house on the block. Maybe I should just let the landscape grow wild and fulfill its destiny. There is something to be said for having the house that frightens passing children and inspires their nightmares. In fact I still have the occasional disturbing dream about the creepy houses on my childhood block. It's a gift that lasts a lifetime.

So far the sky doesn't look like one that could bring rain tomorrow, but I've got an eye out for clouds. If they show up while the moon is out I intend to go watch them for a while. This was the warmest day we've had yet this year, and this will probably be the warmest night as well. I might not even have to put my hoodie up. Welcome, March.

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