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A tree up the block is already sporting a load of pink blossoms. I don't think it's a dogwood, though it resembles one. It might be some sort of crepe myrtle. This morning it has a nice backdrop of fluffy white clouds that are hovering above the mountains. They aren't going to rain, so they have nothing else to do. Because the sunlight is very bright today, I can pretend it's summer again and pretend that the chill in the house is due to air conditioner extravagance, but I have to avoid looking at the oak trees. They are still bare, except for some brown leaves that, for some reason, several of the trees failed to let go of last fall.

Oscar snark: Yesterday evening I actually watched part of the Academy Awards show. It was the first time in years that I've bothered, and I have no idea why I did it. I haven't seen a single one of the nominated movies. The show itself was odd. Somehow it just seemed wrong that Seth MacFarlane was hosting something that didn't involve Lisa Lampanelli and Gilbert Gottfried. There was also something strange about the Dead Reel. Usually it's full of actors, but this year it seemed to be mostly technical people and composers. Have movie actors gotten so rich that they can afford to hire substitutes to die for them?

And what's the deal with having nine nominees for best picture? A movie could win with a very slim vote, and probably did. Anyway, even with only five nominees, awards based on votes are a bore. They ought to have a series of cage matches among the competitors. It would probably be better than most movies, and certainly better than the typical awards show. I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing Ang Lee take Spielberg out with a kick to the groin. Plus, if the fights got rough enough, the Academy might have a few more actors to put on the next year's Dead Reel.

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