rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Yesterday, bright sunlight melted away most of Tuesday's snow, but a few patches that are in the shade all day survive even now because the air has not been warm enough to melt them. Bright sun and cold air is the combination that allows me to leave the thermostat low and pretend that it's a hot summer day and I'm being extravagant with the air conditioning. At least it works until I go outside and am reminded that it's still February. The outside is going to be reminding me for the rest of the week that it's still February, and tomorrow I won't even be able to pretend it's summer. There will be more clouds, and maybe even some rain.

But the daffodils are out of the ground, even if they don't have buds yet. The spiky green leaves are enough to cheer me, though. It's only going to be a short time before their flowers emerge, and once the daffodils bloom it will really feel like spring is here. Naturally I'm hoping for spring to arrive early, stay late, and be entirely cool. And like the ideal party guest, spring should bring some extra drinks, because we don't want to run out.

Well, now that it's dark out the cold doesn't feel like air conditioning any more. It's time to get under the blankets I keep near the couch all winter. I hope there's something worth watching on television. Something with fire in it would be nice.

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