rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Stuff Falling

The plow woke me up this morning scraping the snow from the street. Though the snow continued off and on all day, there was occasionally also rain washing it away, so the total accumulation was not much more than an inch, and there were always blades of green grass poking through it on both the front and back lawns. Despite the snow being fairly wet, it managed to cling to the bare twigs and branches of the oak trees, and by late afternoon the woods were full of white ghost oaks.

Several times this afternoon, severe weather notices interrupted the television programs, warning of thunderstorms and possible tornadoes in the valley. Here we didn't get so much as single thunderclap, and though the wind at times blew snow flurries almost horizontal, it never lasted long and the nearby trees lost no branches. Happily, the power stayed on all day, too. Well, I was happy about it today, but I doubt I'll be as happy about it when I get the utility bill.

There will probably be a bit more snow tonight, and it will be very cold. While I'm awake I intend to keep refilling the feral cats' water bowls so they don't get too cold. Their water was frozen solid this morning. And for some reason the paper guy failed to put the paper in a plastic bag, and it was soaked through by the time I got out to pick it up. I've had it sitting by a heater vent for hours, but its still damp. Also, the plow woke me just in time to get the wheelie bin out to the street for the trash truck.

I'll have to be especially careful tomorrow morning. Whatever snow is left on the driveway is bound to freeze on such a cold night, and if I move to fast when I go out to pick up the paper I'm apt to have my feet slide out from under me. That's happened before. My shoes aren't really made for walking on snow, especially once it has frozen into a sheet. It's probably a good thing I don't own a sled. The driveway has enough of a slope that I'd be tempted to use it, and I'd most likely end up sliding into the street just as a car came by and I'd end up getting squashed. Winter is difficult enough to get through in an un-squashed state.

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