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Cooler [Feb. 15th, 2013|10:41 pm]
Today was supposed to have been as warm as yesterday, but it topped out a couple of degrees cooler. As a result I didn't keep the windows open very long. Because the house was a bit chilly, I wrapped myself in a blanket again while watching television, and ended up having another unintentional afternoon nap. If next week turns out to be as chilly as expected, I'll probably end up taking lots of unintentional afternoon naps. Or maybe I'll just keep myself awake with lots of afternoon tea.

Anyway, I'm hoping the cooling trend doesn't continue tomorrow, as I was looking forward to one more mild day. Still, today was mild enough to bring out the lawnmowers I had expected to hear, but not mild enough for anyone to fire up a barbecue. If tomorrow brings the 70 degrees that is predicted, I'll bet a barbecue is a sure thing, it being Saturday. Ah, what luxury we live in here!