rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today I was able to open the windows for about an hour. Tomorrow should be a couple of degrees warmer, so I'm hoping to get three or four hours of fresh air into this long-stuffy (and chilly) house. This is quite a luxury in February. Even the few mildish days we've had lately have coaxed fresh green shoots from the ground, and I wouldn't be surprised if the weekend brings the first lawn mowing of the year to the neighborhood. I won't be doing any of it, of course, but I'm sure there is somebody nearby who won't be able to resist what promises to be a downright balmy Saturday. There might even be a barbecue or two fired up.

As nice as a break in winter is, I'm glad it won't last long. It will cool off on Sunday, and by Tuesday we could get a bit more rain. Less pleasant is the prospect of a series of freezing nights that are likely to follow the storm. Tonight I heard the frogs croaking again, but the onset of cold nights next week will bring an abrupt end to the concerts. My early-blooming irises are probably doomed, too. It will also mean that the furnace will be running frequently again. I suspect I'll soon be missing the bit of fresh air I'll be getting tomorrow and Saturday, but it will be worth giving that up for a bit of rain.

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