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My cable bill arrived today containing a pleasant surprise. It was almost ten dollars less than last month's bill, and there was a notice that the adjustment had been made because I had been overcharged for the local franchise fee. Last month's bill claimed that the fee had been increased, but that was an error. So I got my five dollars back, and won't be paying five dollars a month more for cable this year than I did last year after all. At least maybe I won't. I have a suspicion that Comcast will be raising its own prices soon enough, and the monthly five dollars will vanish again.

The weather report brought news about which I am quite ambivalent. This coming Thursday and Friday, the temperature here could reach 70 degrees. On the one hand, yay, I get the keep the windows open for a few hours each day and air out the house. On the other hand, this could be the false spring I've been hoping wouldn't come. Two warm days, preceded and followed by fairly mild days, could lead to premature blooming by many plants. The high temperatures are still expected to drop back down next week, and there could even be more nocturnal freezing, so any plants that do bloom during the warm spell will probably be damaged later. I prefer spring to happen all at once— well, not immediately, the way it does in cartoons, but when the weather finally turns warm I like it to stay reasonably mild thereafter, and that shouldn't happen until March.

This evening the waxing crescent moon was to appear among the western pines, but I forgot to look for it. It has set by now. I hope I remember to look for it tomorrow evening. I like to watch a skinny moon emerge as the sky darkens. For some reason the sight of it always pleases me.

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