rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today brought only the slightest bit of rain. There was enough to make the street shiny when the sun came out, but that was all. There certainly wasn't any snow that I could see, though it was surely cold enough for snow early this morning. Tonight is not as cold, but it is also a bit breezy so it feels colder, and drafts are getting into the house. It's going to be another night spent under blankets.

I think I've un-adjusted my neck already, and I went to the chiropractor only last Tuesday. My next appointment isn't until March 3, so it's going to be a long month, even though it's the shortest month. Most likely it was falling asleep on the couch with my head scrunched into a corner that did it. My shoulder is sore again already, too. Maybe I'll try standing under the shower for a while to see if it helps, though I hate to get wet on such a chilly night.

Tomorrow I intend to make a batch of brownies, and I hope I remember to do so. Chocolate will surely be a necessity this month. Tonight I still have one slice of cake left. I prefer brownies in cold weather, as they can be heated in the microwave. I tried heating cake in the microwave once and the frosting rapidly turned into runny magma. It was not pleasant.

Tired of sitting in this uncomfortable chair with my sore neck. My head is obviously too fat.

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