rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bells are Ringing

One of the nice things about colder weather, as long as the sky has a bit of cloud in it, is that the sunsets get much more colorful. This evening's sunset was quite nice, though it didn't manage to make it all the way to lurid. Tomorrow will be a bit colder, so lurid will become a possibility. I do enjoy a lurid sunset. All I have to do is make sure I'm awake for it. Today I almost missed the sunset by taking one of those unintended naps. Beer may not be the best choice of beverage to accompany a late lunch.

My telephones have audible ring again. The AT&T guy did something with the wiring at the box on the side of the house and the phones could ring again. It was not a squirrel's fault this time, just a bit of corrosion at the tip of one wire. I'd had no idea that the system was so sensitive. If it happens again I'll know what it is and won't be driven crazy trying to figure it out.

Today I smelled the scent of spurge laurel in the chilly air. This is quite early in the season for it, and the approaching colder weather and likely rain probably means that the scent will not return this year. One day of spurge laurel is too little. I'm going to go outside again for a while to see if I can catch a few more whiffs of it. Enduring the chill is worthwhile, as whatever I smell tonight will have to last me for a year or more.

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