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Today was the last mild day before the cold spell begins. I finally remembered to clean the HVAC filter. It's the washable variety, and was quite grotty. It probably hadn't been washed in about three months, but a couple of minutes spraying it with the hose got it looking quite like new, and the sun dried it in about an hour after I had shaken the greatest part of the water out of it. I haven't noticed any improvement in the operation of the furnace since I put the filter back in, but then the day hasn't been cold enough for it to run frequently. I suppose there might be a slight increase in its efficiency if the return air doesn't have to force its way through all that dirt. I wish I'd remembered to clean it sooner. I might have saved a few bucks on the gas bill over the last couple of months.

The cats are going to miss all the moths the recent mildness has brought swarming about the porch lights each night. Two of the cats were chasing moths in the garage this evening, leaping to swat them and pouncing on those that fell, sometimes trapping one under a paw briefly, but the moths usually managed to escape when the cat would move its paw to see what it had caught. Now and then a cat would devour a moth before it could get away, but there were always more moths to be caught, and the cats finally ended the game— more from exhaustion, I think, than from satisfaction with the number of insect morsels they had bagged. I gave them their dinner and they ate it and then wandered off into the night. They might be back to chase moths again before morning, but the night is going to be cold and I suspect that these will be the last moths the cats get for some time.

Two of my telephones have quit ringing, and the other one only makes a brief, partial ring. Callers hear one ring and then static. I can still answer the phone, though I have to be right in the room when it rings or I won't hear it. I can still call out, though the dial tone sometimes takes a few seconds to kick in. The DSL works as well as it ever did, which is not that well, but at least it's there. It seems unlikely that the problem would be inside the house, but if it is then it could cost a bundle to have it fixed. Everybody in the neighborhood has been having telephone trouble recently, though, so it's most likely that there's something wrong with AT&T's local equipment. I'll have to call them tomorrow— assuming my telephone is still working.

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